As many of you already know, with each passing day, we are closer to the release of Agents of Mayhem. Two months is a short period of time and comparing to the recent positive reaction to the series after this year's E3 to before, the game looks like it will have a good launch. Compared to a year ago, with the addition of developer streams , we now know a lot about the game, but a lot of that stuff the developers shared with us, a very small amount of them ended up on here.

Hollywood promo shooting while airdashing

That being said, a lot of people will actually come here to check out stuff about the game, and in order to make this an easiest experience, we have to first arrange this wiki better. By that, I mean that we have to add a lot of information people use game wikipedias to search for. Of course, those information was already provided to us by the game's developers. I, by myself, cannot do all of this, which is why I ask of you to help me into making this wikia into something future Agents of Mayhem fans need.

I have thought up of a first steps we should take in order to improve it, but like stated before, I lack the man power that is required to do it. In case you're interested to help, leave a message on my message wall and will provide with the assigment. I will provide you with material, and the task is very simple.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you.

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