My blades, their blood

Scheherazade, is a M.A.Y.H.E.M. field agent and apart of the Firing Squad, alongside Oni and Kingpin.

To unlock Scheherazade as a playable character, players need to complete Operation: Dimensions of the Ninja.

Biography Edit

The origins of this Middle Eastern assassin are shrouded in mystery. And she prefers it that way. Her backstories are numerous--and one of them may even be true. But the only member of MAYHEM with insight into this woman's past is another secretkeeper: Persephone Brimstone.

Abilities Edit

MAYHEM ability Edit

Icon Stealth Mode

Scheherazade cloaks turning invisible to enemies, while cloaked she gains a buff to attack. For every enemy killed she gains a stack of empower, which refills her mayhem meter.

Gadgets Edit

Icon Blindside Blades

Blindside Blades - Scheherazade throws a trio of knives temporarily blinding enemies allowing her to close the gap between her and her enemies.

Skins Edit

Agent SkinsEdit

  • 01 Standard Issue
  • 02 Crimson Red
  • 03 Do Or Die
  • 04 Firing Squad
  • 05 Killer Kold
  • Reptile Eyes
  • Terrapin Terror

Weapon Skins Edit

  • 01 Standard Issue
  • 02 Blades Of Fire
  • 03 Bloody Edgers
  • 04 Kobra Killers
  • 05 Absolute Zero
  • 06 Golden Ninja
  • Sewer Striker
  • Cold Slitter

Vehicle Edit

Scheherazade's vehicle is the Pulse, her vehicle skin is "Riftbreaker" and her vehicle skin is primarily Red, with a few stickers on it, the front wheels have red semisphere's covering them

Trivia Edit

  • Scheherazade is a story teller from the Arabian book One Thousand and One Nights, who told 1000 stories, just like Scheherazade has one for every person she killed.
  • Scheherazade's Killer Kold agent skin could be a reference to Sub-Zero and Frost from the Mortal Kombat series.

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