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The name's Wood. Hollywood
Hollywood, A.K.A. Rod Stone, is an M.A.Y.H.E.M. field agent and part of the Franchise Force, alongside Hardtack and Fortune[1].

Biography Edit

Before joining the M.A.Y.H.E.M. Hollywood was an former adult film[1] actor that transited to the world of regular acting with his own reality cop TV show, Bound by Law[2], but it all went sideways when Rod shot one of the perps in the head. After the incident, his career started falling down, but this actor wannabe was brought to Persephone Brimstone's attention[2].

Today, he represents agency as it's PR and face.

Abilities Edit

MAYHEM ability Edit

His mayhem ability provides him with invulnerability, a bottomless magazine, and fills the screen with unnecessary explosions for a short period of time.

Gadgets Edit

Skins Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Hollywood was written by Jennifer Campbell[2].
  • Hollywood was canonically confirmed to be a pansexual[2], being the first LGBT character to be revealed withing the game.
  • Hollywood was originally intended to be from Los Angeles, but when his writer, Jennifer Campbell, found out that his voice actor was from Canada, she immediately changed that[2].

Gallery Edit

Images Edit

Videos Edit

Agents of Mayhem- Meet Hollywood01:07:09

Agents of Mayhem- Meet Hollywood

References Edit

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