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Fortune, A.K.A. Marina Santos, is an M.A.Y.H.E.M. field agent and part of the Franchise Force, alongside Hollywood and Hardtack[2].

Biography Edit

This notorious sky pirate said farewell to her airship and the outlaw haven of Rio de Janeiro to join the fight against L.E.G.I.O.N. With Glory, her faithful drone companion, she helps M.A.Y.H.E.M. live up to its name.

Abilities Edit

MAYHEM ability Edit

Her mayhem ability enables her to send Glory out on a stunning spree.

Gadgets Edit

Special Edit

Name Icon Qoute Description
Quicksand "The sweet explosion is why I do it." Fortune blasts a bubble taht inflicts Slow and Damage over Time. Already Stunned enemies remain so while inside the bubble. Fortune gains Haste while this effect is active.
Icon fortune cannonball
"Let's make ye even more deadly." Fortune taps her guns together to deliver a massive energy ball that deals damage over a large area. Already stunned enemies take additional damage.
Powder Keg "Taking out those LEGION assholes makes me feel good. What can I say?" Small area of effect, and inflicts moderate damage. If an enemy is hit, your Shields recharge to full. For every enemy hit, up to 4, you gain on stack of Fortify.


Weapon Edit

Name Icon Qoute Description
Hotshot Magazine "Yeah, the guns get hot but I don't mind."
Captain's Orders
Dead Eye Scope "It's all about finding just the right spot." This scope nudges critical hits to deliver 50% more damage.


Passive Edit

Name Icon Quote Description
Cavalier Boots "Those slowpokes can't catch me." When Fortune dashes near enemies, the enemies are Slowed and are Vulnerable as they attempt to reposition their sights.
Cut and Run "And it keeps me limber." Moving around transfers energy to Fortune's shield and helps it recharge 20% faster.
Close Quarters


Upgrades Edit


Core Upgrades Edit

Skins Edit

Trivia Edit

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Gallery Edit

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Videos Edit

Agent stream - Meet Fortune01:16:38

Agent stream - Meet Fortune

Meet Fortune

References Edit

  1. Tumblr: Meet Agent Fortune and Voice Actor Melanie Minichino
  2. Video: Agents of Mayhem - Franchise Force

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