• MegaFreeman

    Join our Discord server!

    September 12, 2017 by MegaFreeman

    Hey guys. Come join our Volition Discord server!

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  • Bbretterson

    Agents of Mayhem, the new action game from the makers of Saints Row, pits a group of Saturday morning cartoon-worthy heroes (the titular agents) against the nefarious organization known as L.E.G.I.O.N.. Initially, players control the Franchise Force: Hollywood, Hardtack, and Fortune. We’ve unlocked a few other characters as well and have sat down to look at the crazy arsenal available to these do-gooders.

    He greets his LEGION of fans (get it?) with his Assault Rifle, a fully automatic weapon with sizable clip and decent range. Players can usually use it to get the job done, but when you want that bit of extra bang, how about launching an Attention Seeker at your enemies? It deals high damage when it hits or after a set time, so feel free to …

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  • MegaFreeman

    As many of you already know, with each passing day, we are closer to the release of Agents of Mayhem. Two months is a short period of time and comparing to the recent positive reaction to the series after this year's E3 to before, the game looks like it will have a good launch. Compared to a year ago, with the addition of developer streams , we now know a lot about the game, but a lot of that stuff the developers shared with us, a very small amount of them ended up on here.

    That being said, a lot of people will actually come here to check out stuff about the game, and in order to make this an easiest experience, we have to first arrange this wiki better. By that, I mean that we have to add a lot of information people use game wikipedias to …

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